United Farm Workers Object to California Governor's Workers' Compensation Proposal

 United Farm Workers' President, Arturo Rodriquez, strongly objects to the proposal offered by the Governor of California to reform workers' compensation in that State.

“Our new governor and his big-business supporters are threatening to devastate farm workers, to eliminate workers’ compensation for back injuries and the crippling pain they cause. These injuries are the most common source of excruciating pain and crippling disability that have afflicted farm workers for generations. Compensation for this kind of injury first and foremost affects our people. The persistent back pain that frequently burdened Cesar Chavez through much of his life was caused by years spent laboring bent over in the fields. If California repeals workers compensation for back injuries for farm workers, we will be repealing Cesar Chavez’s legacy in this state.” UFW President Arturo Rodriguez

This same limitation would apply to victims of workplace sexual harassment and race, age or religious discrimination.