Workers’ Compensation News - June 6, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 13

Senator Kennedy declares that a workers' compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome should not require genetic testing. US Senate Releases Genetic ... 5/27/2003 

NJ Appellate Division Questions Why it Took 10 Years for a Case to Be Heard While retaining jurisdiction, the NJ ... 5/26/2003 

The Hatch Asbestos Compensation Bill is Unfair to Workers Asbestos compensation legislation introduced ... 5/26/2003 

The Workers' Compensation System is Broken Declares California Insurance Commissioner " issue that is pivotal to the well ... 5/24/2003 

Workplace poison EDITORIAL The Record "...these industries should be held accountable for preventable illnesss and death." Friday, May 23, ... 5/23/2003 

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Insurance Medical Examinations
A wholesale, blanket refusal to respond to written and oral inquiries regarding past and present medical conditions constitutes an unreasonable obstruction of an IME.
Brewer v. LaCrosse Health, et al., No. 28218 (Idaho 2003)

Premium Deceit by J Hunter & J Doroshow
A report on how the nation's largest business have been advancing a legislative agenda to limit their liability and make it more difficult for injured people to go to court.

California WC Medical Costs Up 125%
Garamendi proposes sweeping reforms of the WC system includind "carve-outs" and ADR and elimination of delay in the sytems to 45 days processing.

- 6.14.03 NJ ICLE Seminar on Lindquist