North American Refractory Company Asbestos/Vermiculite Containing Products

North American Refractory Company
Asbestos Containing Products

Aerogun- 1/18/71-10/2/79
Anti-Erode Trowcl-3/2 1/63-5/17/77
BOE-Cote-6/3/66- 1975
BOF-Patch-1 t/30/65-1975
CM Gun Mix-7/3/63-5/8/73
CM-IS Gun Mix-7/3/63-1/31/77
Kurosaki Slide Gate Refractory
MC-Clun Mix-7/3/63-1975
Nareoeast ES Fine Trowcl-8/9/63-8/8/77
Nareoerete Trowel-12/23/63-5/1 7/77
Nareogun Co.- 11/11/64-5/17/77
Narcogun CM-343-1 1/1 1/64-1/24/77
Natcogun CR-346-9/24/64- 1975
Narcogun CR-346 NN-9/ 1/6541/5/76
Narcogun CRD-347-1 1/11/64-1975
NatcogunMc-339-11/l 1/64-1975
Narcogun MCD-344-1 1/11/64-1975
Narcogun P-340-l 1/11/64-3/76
Nareogun PD-345- 11/11/64-1/31/77
Nareogun I’D-345A-1 1/11/64-1/31/77
Nareogun SD-336-1 1/11/64-1/12/77
Narcolite1 -3/23/61-4/22/77
Narrnag OH Gun Mix-4/15/74-1 1/76
Narmag 60 DBRC2-3/70-2/80
Stazon- 12/19/57-1971
Super 505 Hot Our C-6/2/64-5/17/77
Unicote-1 2/57-1971
WO-339 (MC Gun) 3-8/17/64-1975
WO- 857
1. Narcolite, Narcolite Castable, and Narcolite Insulating Castable contained asbestos during certain time periods. Narcolite 28, Narcolite 51) and Narcolite Gun did not contain asbestos at any time.

2. Narrnag 60 DBRC bricks did not typically contain any asbestos. These bricks only contained an asbestos shim in those inshtnces where a customer specifically requested the asbestos shim.

3. WO is a Narco product “work order.” It is the intention of this product list to include aH asbestos-containing products created under work orders or experimental mixes.

North American Refractory Company
Vermiculite Containing Products

Aerocast 30 Gun-8/24/84-4(1 5(88
HPV Verilite Gun-9/ 10188-to NARCO/Hattison split
Utecvete 20-uncertain beginning date-3/23/88
Litecrete 20 Gun-uncertain beginning date-3/23/RB
Litecrete 30-uncertain beginning date to NARCO/lulatbison split
Vercast-3/66-4/15/88 only in Canada
WO-2288- I 986-only in Canada
WO-2454 Gun Mix
WO-336l Gun Mix
WO-344 I
Aetocast 20 Gun-19864/15/S8-only in Canada

WO is a Narco product “work order)’ It is the intention of this product list to include all vermiculite-containing products created under work orders or experimental mixes.