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NJ Workers' Compensation System Purportedly Under Investigation by State Commission of Investigation
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NJ Workers' Compensation System Purportedly Under Investigation by State Commission of Investigation

New Jersey’s workers’ compensation problems are far from over as the NJ State Commission of Investigation (SCI) has purportedly launched an investigation of the NJ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau. The NJ system became the center of media attention following a Star Ledger newspaper series reporting serious problems.

The NJ SCI last performed a comprehensive review of the NJ Workers’ Compensation system 28 years ago following an investigative report in the State Ledger. At that time the SCI reported serious violations which resulted in judicial reviews and changes in the substantive and procedural aspects of the NJ workers’ compensation system.

The NJ Legislature expeditiously held hearings and passed legislation embracing some administrative requested changes, endorsed by Industry, which Governor Corzine has not acted upon. The finance bills and procedural oversight bills remain pending. The silence of the victims at the legislative hearings set an ominous tone to the earlier oversight hearings.

The release of data has always been problematic for the governmental agency charged with compensating victims and financed through insurance company premium payments and regulated by a rating agency that was entirely insurance Industry dominated. This new turn in developments possibly will shed some more light at what is happening in the dark closet.

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