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July 26, 2015 10:00 AM
Burn Pits Claims

Breathing dust, fumes and other and other toxic substances, exposed  troops deployed overseas, and those who worked for government contractors abroad and other civilians, to a serious hazards. Some of the chemicals were very toxic carcinogens and are deadly.

At US Senate hearings it was revealed that the toxic carcinogen, Sodium Dichromate (CAS 10588-01-9), was spread across a ruined water-injection facility in Qarmat Ali, Iraq, when the soldiers were there in the spring and summer of 2003. Thousands of individuals may have been exposed.

A simple evaluation may assist in assessing your exposure and disease which includes: a history which characterized the exposure and preexisting medical conditions of each individual exposed; a physical exam that identified any findings potentially related to a chromium exposure, and medical tests including blood, urine, chest X-ray, and a breathing test (called a pulmonary function test).

An exposure to burn pit dust and fumes, according to the lawsuits files, may produce the following symptoms: 

  • Allergy-like symptoms
  • Asthma
  • Breathing restrictions
  • Cancers (including but not limited to lung, brain, bone and skin)
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Chronic coughs
  • Constant infections
  • Cramps and severe abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Leukemia
  • Lung cancer
  • Nose bleeds
  • Pulmonary injuries
  • Restrictive Airways Disease (Bronchiolitis)
  • Serious heart conditions
  • Severe headache
  • Skin infection
  • Sleep apnea
  • Throat infections
  • Ulcers
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Weeping lesions on extremities

As a supporter for the improved health and welfare of individuals against hazardous occupational and environmental exposures, Jon L. Gelman advocates for changes in safety standards and safer use of chemicals.  If you have been exposed to burn pit dust, smoke or fumes or Sodium Dichromate, contact  Jon Gelman via e-mailClick here to contact us now.

The following is a list of locations where burn pits allegedly operated:


Abu Ghraib Prison
Al Asad Air Base
Al Quo
Al Taqaddum (Ridgeway)
Ali Air Base (formerly Talil Air Base)
Al-Sahra aka Camp Speicher
Baghdad International Airport (BIAP)
Balad Air Base
Baqubah (FOB) (Warhorse)
Camp Adder, Talil Air Base
Camp Al Taji (Army Airfield)
Camp Anderson
Camp Ar Ramadi
Camp Bucca
Camp Cedar I and I, Talil Air Base
Camp Chesty
Camp Courage, Mosul
Camp Cropper
Camp (FOB) Delta, Al Kut
Camp Echo, Diwaynia
Camp Geiger
Camp Liberty (aka Camp Trashcan)
Camp Loyalty
Camp or LSA Anaconda
Camp Ridgeway (Al Taquaddum)
Camp Rustamiyah
Camp Scania
Camp Shield, Baghdad
Camp Speicher aka Al Sahra Airfield (formerly FOB)
Camp Stryker
Camp Victory
COB Meade, Camp Liberty
FOB Caldwell, Kirkuk
FOB Endurance, Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base
FOB Freedom, Kirkuk
FOB Gabe, Baqubah
FOB Marez, Mosul
FOB Summerall (Bayji and Taji)
FOB Sykes (Tall' Afar)
FOB Warrior, Kirkuk
Green Zone or International Zone
Kut Al Hayy Airbase
Q-West, Qayyarah Airfield West/Saddam Air Base
Talil Air Base (now is Ali Air Base)
Tall' Afar


Bagram Air Base
Camp Bastion Airfield
FOB Fenty, Jalalabad
FOB Orgun-East
FOB Salerno
FOB Sharana 

Other or Undisclosed Countries:

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait (Camden Yards)
Camp Pennsylvania, Kuwait
Djibouti, Africa
Doha, Qatar
FOB Andrea
FOB Hammer aka Butler Range
FOB McHenry
Former FOB Gains Mills

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Case Timelime:

On January 20, 2015 the US Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of KBR. The case will remain active and will return to the US District Court for further action.

On June 16, 2014 the US Supreme Court invited the US Solicitor General to file a brief in the matter.

On April 11, 2014 a Petition for a writ of certiorari was filed by KBR Incorporated, et al with the US Supreme Court appealing the ruling of the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The US Supreme Court has docketed the matter asNo. 13-1241.

On April 3, 2014 the US 4th Cir Ct of Appeals granted a stay of its Mandate that the case should be remanded and go forward. KBR had filed a Motion for a Stay based upon its intent to file a Petition for Certiorari with the US Supreme Court in an effort to appeal the matter.


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Congressman Tim Bishop Urges VA to Expand Assistance to Veterans Exposed to Open-Air Burn Pits 3.24.14

US Senators Corker and Udall Question VA About Burn Pit Registry Delay 3.19.14

New Study Associates Lung Injury of Souldiers With Exposure to Dust In Iraq & Afghanistan 3/10/14

Court Says Military Contractors Not Entitled to Automatic Sovereign Immunity 3/7/14

Federal Court Allows Burn-Pit Lawsuit to Advance 3/7/14

Federal Appeals Court Revives Soldier's Lawsuits Against Defense Contractors Waste Pits 3/6/14

Haliburton Found Not-Immune in Burn Pit Law Suits 3/6/14

Soil Dust Suspected in Illness Among Iraq Vets 2/20/14

Military Questions Tests For Lung Damage in Soldiers 2/10/14

Doctor to release findings on toxic dust from Iraq 2/9/14

KBR Sued by the US Government For Kickbacks and False Claims Relating To Iraq Support Contracts 1/23/14

FOB Sharana: Poor Planning & Construction Resulted in $5.4 Million spent for Inoperable Incinerators and Continued use of Open-Air Burn Pits 12/16/13

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Congressional Amendment to Bar Toxic Burning 6-30-31

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VA Requests Public Comments on Establishment of Open Burn Pit Registry 6-6-13

Burn-pit claimants will appeal judge's dismissal 6/4/13

Illness from burn pits a health issue for returning vets 3.06.2013

VA Announces that Burn Pit Study to Determine Adverse Effects on Soldiers 2.1.2013

Health Answers Sought About Burned-off War Garbage 1.26.13

KBR Secret Indemnity Agreement Signed By Army Chief Tainted In Enron Scandal 1/23/13

Burn-Pit Registry for Veterans Signed Into Law 1.10.13

KBR, Guilty In Iraq Negligence, Wants Taxpayers To Foot The Bill 1-9.13

Judge Tells KBR Lawyerss That They Can't Interview Jurors Who Awarded $85 Million 12.19.12

Cedar Rapids Family Blames Burn Pit in Iraq For Son's Cancer Death  10-26-12

Verdict: $85 Million Against KBR for Negligently Exposing Soldiers to Toxins in Iraq 11-3-12

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Senate Panel Approves Burn Pit Registry 9.13.12

DOD & VA Gather to Study Airborne Health Hazards 8.22.12

Sodum Dichromate Exposure - Court Rules Lawsuit by Former National Guard Proceeds 8.21.12

Burn Pit Lung Condition Added to Social Security List of Compansionate Allowances 8.11.12

KBR Seeks Dismissal of lawsuits over burn pits 7.16.12

Companies Seek to Dismiss Suit on Burn-Pit Risk 7.13.12

Burn Pit Registry Moves Forward 7.11.12

Akin Burn Pit Legislation Passed by Veterans Committee, Heads to House Floor 7.12.12

Leaked Memo: Afghan 'Burn Pt' Could Wreck Troops' Heart, Lungs 5-22-12

Nonprofit Builds Forth Worth House for Veteran With Incurable Disease 2-6-12

US Army Cops of Engineers: Center Supports Afghan Recycling Program 2.1.12

Introducing the Physical Disability Board of Review 1.7.12

Vet Seeks to Shed Light on Burn Pit Effects 11.11.11

ATS Calls on US Government to Look at Respiratory Consequences of Burn Pits on Military Personnel 11.10.11

Congessman Akin Introduces Bill for Veterans Burn Pit Registry 11.3.11

IOM Study: Long-Term Health Consequences of Burn Pit Exposures 10.31.11

Veteran Fights to Bring Light to Burn Pit Dangers 10.22.11

Burn Pits Role in Troops' Array of Illnesses Fans Concers at VA 9.19.11

Toxic Trash: The Burn Pits of Iraq and Afghanistan 8.24.11

US Military's Open Burn Pits In Afghanistan May Be Making People Sick 8.24.11

Lung Problems Found in Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans 7/21/11

Constrictive Bronchiolitis in Soldiers Returning from Iraq and Afganistan 7.21.11

Rare Lung Disease Diagnosed in Soldiers 7.21.2011

Scientists Say Pentagon Misleads on Dust Study 7.6.2011

"Burn Pits" Blamed for Veteran's Illnesses: Local Family Raising Awareness 7.7.2011

Lung Ailments Rise Among Iraq, Afgan Veterans 6.20.11

Emerging Research Focuses on Breathing Problems for Returning Soldiers 6.19.2011

Law Advances to Monitor Veterans for Illnesses 5.29.2011

New Studies Connect Respiratory Conditions With Middle East Troop Exposure 5.19.2011

Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan Studied for Toxic Exposures 5.16.2011

Increase in Military Illnesses Over the Last Decade 4.30.2011

Soldier Seeks Answers to Medical Condition 3.10.11

Senators Schumer and Nelson Told Military to Issue Respirator Masks for Sholdiers Who Work Near Burn Pits 2.10.2011

Veterans Seek Help for Burn Pit Health Claims 11.28.2010

Government Reports Burn Pit Standards Are Not Being Met 11.20.2010

Federal Court Allows Burn Pit Claims to Proceed Against Halliburton & KBR 9.9.2010

National Guard Veterans Allowed to Proceed Against KBR 9.2.10

Institute of Medicine Holds Meeting on Burn Pit Exposures 8.9.2010

Poisoned by Burning Trash 8.6.2010

New Medical Study Confirms Lung Problems From Balad Burn Pit Exposure 7.3.2010

American Lung Association Urges US Senate to Ban Burn Pits 6.24.2010

Sleep Disorders Linked to Burn Pit Environmental Pollution 6.23.2010

House of Representatives Passes Burn Pit Registration Bill 6.6.2010

VA Establishes Burn Pit Web Site to Help Veterans 5.29.2010

US Intervenes in SUit Against KBR & Panalpina Alleging Kickbacks Under the False Claims Act 5.13.2010

Doctor Links Burn Pit Exposures to Respiratory Illness 5.9.2010

Dan Rather TV Documentary Highlights Burn Pit Health Hazards 5.7.2010

VA Outlines New Policy to Address Burn Pit Hazards 5.7.2010

Fox Reports on Toxic Burn Pits 4.30.2010

Sick Veterans Sue KRB Over Iraq & Afghanistan Burn Pits 3.26.10

GIs Tell of Horrors [asbestos] from Burn Pits - Houston Chronicle - 2.7.2010

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Defense Department to Investigate Hexavalent Chromium Exposure Claims 10.3.209

Soldiers Exposed to Chromium in Iraq File Suit 6.9.2009

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OSHA: Occupational Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)); Final Rule Remand  Fall 2009

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