Pharmaceutical Drug and Medical Device Litigation

Although medications can provide positive health and lifestyle changes, drugs carry their health risks. Both healthcare providers and patients need and deserve to be properly informed of these risks.

Pharmaceutical Drugs That Are Potentially Defective
Products can change from life-giving to life-taking when pharmaceutical and biological companies:

  • Fail to properly study their products both pre-and post-FDA approval,
  • Fail to properly analyze study results,
  • Fail to properly monitor, report, and/or analyze adverse events,
  • Fail to properly market products, or

Fail to properly educate healthcare providers and patients about the benefits and risks of these products.

Proving Your Claim
Proving such negligence requires experience, creativity, and adequate resources. But the result can change the way the industry practices, and most importantly, can save lives.

An example of our pharmaceutical drug litigation experience is the representation of many cases involving severe health problems stemming from the use of the diet drugs commonly known as Fen-Phen. The combination of some diet drugs has led to heart valve damage, stroke, and heart attacks. We also represent clients that have been victims of medical prescription errors.

Our lawyers and staff represent individuals injured through pharmaceutical drugs and provide our clients with up-to-date information about the medicine and their legal options.

Potentially Defective Medical Devices
Medical devices and implants are used to treat injury and disease. Yet, patients rarely see a device’s information, read the warning labels, or research the device and its history before receiving treatment. With medical breakthroughs on the rise, companies need to perform adequate testing and regulate a device before placing it on the market.

J Jon L. Gelman represents individuals who have suffered severe injury or death because of a defective medical device, including Dalkon Shield and Breast Implants.

With advancements in medicine, there has been an increased use of medical devices to treat injuries and diseases. Despite medical breakthroughs, medical devices are often inadequately tested and regulated and then rushed to market by companies in a hurry to profit. Over the past several years, several medical devices have been pulled from the market because they caused severe injury or death to thousands of Americans.

Our Experience with Drug and Medical Device Lawsuits
We have the necessary experience, creativity, and resources to prosecute pharmaceutical drug cases and seek legal recourse on behalf of those injured by pharmaceutical drugs.

Jon L. Gelman represents individuals harmed by pharmaceutical drugs in claims against drug manufacturers, which typically fall into the following categories:

  • Strict liability claims focus on the drug and whether it has a defect that makes it unreasonably unsafe.
  • Negligence claims are based on whether the manufacturer has acted reasonably in developing, manufacturing, and marketing the drug or product.

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