A pending case in California may have significant impact on potential workers’ compensation claims throughout the country.

 Acting on his commitment to support and uplift New Jersey workers, Governor Phil Murphy today signed a legislative package combatting worker misclassification and exploitation.

 NJ Governor Murphy has signed legislation to increase certain workers' compensation benefits and also require the appointment of a study commission to review and recommend changes to the State's workers' compensation system going forward.

An unsettled area of the law has emerged between, the widespread adoption by the states to permit prescribed marijuana2 to relieve certain medical conditions and the strict federal law mandating the substance as a Schedule 1, Controlled Substance [CSA]

NJ Gov Murphy Announces Legislation to Overhaul New Jersey’s Anti-Workplace Harassment Laws for Public and Private Employers

NJ Governor Phil Murphy today announced legislation to overhaul the state’s anti-workplace harassment laws for both public and private employers.

The firm of Jon L. Gelman is a specialty law office concentrating its practice in the litigation of catastrophic and serious injuries resulting from work-related exposures and traumatic events. Our clients are located throughout the United States.

We are dedicated to utilizing our knowledge and skills in conjunction with the most modern technology to provide the best possible legal representation. Our practice is built on a strong foundation of in-depth knowledge of the subject matter which is reflected in the 3-volume treatise entitled Workers' Compensation Law , (Thomson-West), that we authored, and in the 3-volume national treatise, Modern Compensation Law, (Thomson-West), that we co-authored.

Our scope of representation ranges from complex workers' compensation actions to product liability claims throughout the country.

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