Jon Gelman Listed in Best Lawyers in America

Jon Gelman has been listed again to Best Lawyers in America®. This recognition has been bestowed upon him for almost 3 decades. 

It may soon be easier to get NJ COVID workers' compensation benefits

 Legislation (A3999) that would make it easier for employees on the frontline of the coronavirus fight to get work-related benefits is now advancing to NJ Governor Pat Murphy for signature.

NJ Governor Patrick Murphy signed legislation enacting sweeping measures to provide workers’ compensation benefits to essential workers who contract coronavirus [COVID-19] and provides dependency benefits to their survivors. 

New Jersey Benefits and the Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Employees Should Know

What you need to know about workers' compensation coronavirus benefits.

The firm of Jon L. Gelman is a specialty law office concentrating its practice in the litigation of catastrophic and serious injuries resulting from work-related exposures and traumatic events. Our clients are located throughout the United States.

We are dedicated to utilizing our knowledge and skills in conjunction with the most modern technology to provide the best possible legal representation. Our practice is built on a strong foundation of in-depth knowledge of the subject matter which is reflected in the 3-volume treatise entitled Workers' Compensation Law , (Thomson-West), that we authored, and in the 3-volume national treatise, Modern Compensation Law, (Thomson-West), that we co-authored.

Our scope of representation ranges from complex workers' compensation actions to product liability claims throughout the country.

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