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“The Triangle Fire” is Available to Stream
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“The Triangle Fire” is Available to Stream

PBS American Experience

It was the deadliest workplace accident in New York City’s history. A dropped cigarette on the 8th floor of the Factory sparked a fire that killed over a hundred innocent people trapped inside. The private industry of the American factory would never be the same.

PBS American Experience

“On April 5, 1911, 400,000 people lined the rain-drenched sidewalks of New York as an empty, horse-drawn hearse crept from the dank, narrow streets of the Lower East Side toward the skyscrapers towering over Madison Square. New Yorkers from all walks of life had come to pay tribute to the unidentified victims of the Triangle fire: the deadliest workplace accident in the city's history. A few weeks earlier, the workers had been forgotten cogs in America's immense industrial machine; now, one in 10 New Yorkers were there to claim them as their own.” PBS American Experience

Jon L Gelman

"The United States was developing an economic system in the early 1900's that was very dependent upon labor. The garment trade in the city of New York utilized immigrants to do tedious and repetitious activities. On March 25, 1911, a fire broke out on the top floors of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City. The company manufactured garments in a multistoried building in the city of New York. Workers were not very well protected under the law at that time, and the employer had, in fact, locked the doors to prevent malingering. As a result of the fire, some workers had to leap from 9th-story windows to escape the flames. Fifteen-year-old children were among those employed. Over 146 of the 500 workers who were employed by the Triangle Shirtwaist Company died. The fire and the fatalities that occurred as a result of the Triangle fire of 1911 sparked the development of a strong labor movement that fought for safety in the workplace." Gelman, Jon L, Workers’ Compensation Law, 38 NJPRAC 2.5 (Thomson-Reuters 2022). 

Stream: Originally aired on 1/30/2018 on American Experience on PBS, the program is now available to stream online. Click here to watch the trailer and for streaming information.

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