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Asbestos Dealer of Death - Canada

The Canadian delegation to the Rotterdam Convention was able to lobby effectively to prohibit a ban on asbestos for another two years. The Canadian mines will continue to churn out the killer fiber and ship it to unsuspecting countries as a result of an effective major lobbying effort of the Canadians to sway the votes of India, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Despite a report from an independent committee of scientist urging the ban of chrysotile asbestos this year, the effort to ban asbestos failed. Chrysotile asbestos is classified as a known human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and more than 40 countries have already banned its sale.

It has been reported that last year alone Canada sold $77 million to developing countries around the world. Unfortunately the cost for medical care caused by asbestos related disease far exceeds that value and the loss of life is priceless. Shielded by national laws the Canadian entities have protected themselves from recovery. Exporting disease for economic greed is beyond human comprehension and is shameful. Who are the Canadians kidding, asbestos kills!


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