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First HIPPA Conviction Results in Jail Sentance

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 A 42 year old male from in Seattle, Washington pleaded guilty today in federal court in Seattle to wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information for economic gain. This is the first criminal conviction in the United States under the health information privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which became effective in April, 2003. Those provisions made it illegal to wrongfully disclose personally identifiable health information.

NIOSH Alert Issued: Preventing Lung Disease in Workers Who Use or Make Flavorings

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 The occurrence of severe lung disease in workers who make flavorings or use them to produce microwave popcorn has revealed an unrecognized occupational health risk. Flavorings are often complex mixtures of many chemicals [Conning 2000]. The safety of these chemicals is usually established for humans consuming small amounts in food [Pollitt 2000], not for food industry workers inhaling them

CMS Will No Longer Allow Administrative Costs to Be Charged To The Set-Aside Arrangement

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CMS issued a memorandum on prohibiting costs to be chargeable against Medicare set-aside arrangement funds.The purpose of this All Regional Administrators memorandum is to replace the policy that was outlined in the answers to questions in the All Associate Regional Administrators (ARA) memorandum concerning Workers’ Compensation Commutation of Future Benefits (issued on July 23, 2001, attached) and in the answer to question seven from the April 21, 2003 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Workers' Compensation News - July 28, 2004 Volume 2 Issue 230

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NEW JERSEY: MORRIS COUNTY BARS AND RESTURANTS BRACE FOR SMOKING BAN. "Bars and restaurants are public accommodations and shouldn't be allowed to have carcinogens in the air," said Regina Carlson, executive director of the New Jersey Group Against Smoking Pollution, known as NJGASP. 

Workers' Compensation News - June 9, 2004 Volume 2 Issue 23 CompAssist (tm)

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 MEDICAL GUIDELINES IN WC CASES APPROVED BY TEXAS SP CT. "In this opinion, we conclude that the Legislature authorized TWCC to set upper limits on reimbursement amounts and establish a reasonable time limitation on requests for medical dispute resolution. TWCC acted consistently with the Legislature’s mandates - (1) the establishment of fair and reasonable guidelines designed to ensure quality medical care for injured workers, TEX. LAB. CODE § 413.011(b), (2) the achievement of effective medical cost control in the workers’ compensation system, id., and (3) the establishment of a program for resolution of disputes regarding health care treatments and services, id. § 413.013(1). "

Texas Workers' Compensation Commission v. Patient Advocates of Texas, et al, Decided May 28, 2004.

Workers' Compensation News - July 7, 2004 Volume 2 Issue 227

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CMS - MEDICARE SECONDARY PAYER - ATTORNEY OUTREACH PROGRAM LAUNCHED. The Coordination of Benefits (COB) Contractor is available to address attorney groups to fully explain Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) liability issues and policies. The COB Contractor and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) representatives will provide educational seminars regarding the COB operation and CMS’s rights in no-fault, liability, and workers’ compensation (WC) cases.