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Workers’ Compensation News - November 19, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 33
CALIFORNIA - THE DISMATLING OF THE SYSTEM Schwarzenegger convenes special session on workers’ comp Displaying his priorities as the new governor of ...
Pesticide Illness & Injury Surveillance

  When used properly, pesticides offer a variety of benefits to society. They increase crop production, preserve produce, combat insect infestations, and control exotic species. However, pesticides also have the potential for causing harm. Approximately one billion pounds of pesticide active ingredient are used annually in the U.S., and over 20,000 pesticide products are being marketed in the U.S.

Bankruptcy Proceedings and Liquidations of Insurance Carriers and Self-Insured Employers

The bankruptcy proceedings and liquidations of both insurance cai-riers and self-insured employers have created nationwide disruptions and problems in the handling of workers’ compensation cases. In New Jersey, the Department of Banking and Insurance is directly responsible for maintaining the guarantee funds and for reassigning claims in these situations. 

Medicare Secondary Payer Legislation - Draft 17

 A BILL To amend the Medicare Secondary Payer Act(42 U.S.C. § 1395y(b), et seq.)

Workers’ Compensation News - November 3, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 31

911 COMPENSATION PROGRAM FAILS--Mount Sinai's Dr. Stephen Levin said most of his Ground Zero patients have been denied workers' compensation coverage. He called the system "dysfunctional."

Supreme Court Sets High Judicial Threshold For Evaluating Scientific Evidence
For the last few decades, the most compelling issue in an occupational disease case has been the manner in which the workers’ compensation court shoul...
Workers’ Compensation News - November 10, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 32

THE CALIFORNIA CRISIS. Attracting Private Specialty Carriers to California Will Stabilize the Workers' Compensation Crisis . The California workers' compensation system is broken .

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