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Entries for March 2001

 First-Time Information About Exposure Levels for the U.S. Population 

 How the Civil Justice System Uncovered the Truth for Consumers  Before journalists wrote about it, before NHTSA investigated it, before ...

Opponents Seek Repeal of OSHA Ergonomics Standard. After ten long years of struggle, workers in this country finally won protections to prevent crippling repetitive strain injuries, the nation's biggest job safety problem. OSHA's new ergonomics standard was issued in November 2000 and went into effect on January 16, 2001. But with Republicans controlling Congress and the White House, this new worker protection measure is in danger, as opponents aim to repeal this important standard. 

Nurse Declared Totally Disabled Psychiatrically Due to Latex Allergy

A Nebraska workers' compensation judge awarded total disability benefits to a registered nurse as a result of her latex sensitivity. In determining the injured worker's disability, the Court evaluated not only her physical symptoms, but also took into consideration her psychological stress factors and declared her totally disabled from a psychiatric standpoint.

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