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Entries for June 2000

Nebraska Court Finds Latex Allergic Surgical RN Totally Disabled
In one of the most significant decisions yet to be rendered by a Court, a surgical registered nurse was declared to be totally and permanently disable...
Social Security Disability Benefits Awarded to Nurse Who Became Sensitized to Latex

Connie R. Gates, who was awarded total disability benefits by the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, was awarded Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income benefits as a result of her sensitivity to latex products. 

Oregon Court Penalizes Employer for Untimely and Unreasonable Denial of Latex Claim

 Workers’ compensation courts are now requiring employers to act swiftly in awarding benefits to workers who have been sensitized to latex products. 

California Supreme Court Allows Mesothelioma As Separate Case

The California Supreme Court recently decided that a special statute of limitations for injury or illness caused by exposure to asbestos does not bar an action for a second disease, mesothelioma, which was diagnosed several years after the original diagnosis of a related pulmonary condition. The asbestos worker was exposed to asbestos fiber in various industrial workplaces from the early 1940's until 1963, when he became a television repairman. 

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