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Entries for June 2004

CMS Reports National Health Care Expenditure Grew To $1.3 Trillion in 2000 & Seeks Coordination with State Workers' Compensation Programs

 Payments of Medicare and Medicad are continuing to grow at a rate faster than the nominal gross domestic product. By 20111national health costs will constitute 17% of the GDP, up from the 200 level of 3.2% and will total $2.8 trillion. The Center for Medicare and Medicare Services are actively reviewing payments that should have been made under Workers' Compensation programs and co-ordinating benenfits through a vast network of benefit coordinators and a growing effort of investigation, reporting and enforcement activities.

National Gypsum Asbestos Bankruptcy Claims Settlement Announced

Who is National Gypsum? Incorporated in Delaware in 1925.Manufacturer and supplier of services for the building and construction industry. Miner of asbestos fibers. Popular trade name: Gold Bond Products
Asbestos products types – drywall, joint compounds, textures, shingles, cement boards, adhesives, acoustical plaster, fireproofing, insulation cement, raw asbestos fiber.

Workers' Compensation News - June 16, 2004 Volume 2 Issue 24 CompAssist (tm)

NEW 2ND INJURY FUND PROCEDURES--Notice to the Bar - June 7, 2004--Effective immediately the Division of Workers’ Compensation will no longer require that a Motion to Yoin the Second Injury Fund be filed and an Order of Joinder be entered. The Second Injury Fund Application and Verified Petition properly filed pursuant_to 14A5-95.l is sufficient to join the Fund in a Workers’ Compensation case.

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services [CMS] Issues the Secondary Claim Development Questionnaire

 The Secondary Claim Development (SCD) Questionnaire is a Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) questionnaire that is sent to obtain information about other insurers that may pay before Medicare. The SCD is mailed when a claim is submitted to Medicare with an explanation of benefits (EOB) attached, a self-report is made by you or your attorney identifying an MSP situation, or a third party payer submits MSP information to a contractor, or the Coordination of Benefits (COB) Contractor. 

Workers' Compensation News - June 9, 2004 Volume 2 Issue 23 CompAssist (tm)

 MEDICAL GUIDELINES IN WC CASES APPROVED BY TEXAS SP CT--"In this opinion, we conclude that the Legislature authorized TWCC to set upper limits on reimbursement amounts and establish a reasonable time limitation on requests for medical dispute resolution

Worker Health Chartbook 2004 Issued by NIOSH

NIOSH has prepared the Worker Health Chartbook 2004 as a resource for agencies, organizations, employers, researchers, workers, and others who need to know about occupational injuries and illnesses. This concise, chart-based document consolidates information from the network of tracking systems that forms the cornerstone of injury and illness surveillance in the United States.

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