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Entries for August 2000

Nebraska Adopts Single Reaction Theory

The Nebraska workers' compensation court has followed the theory adopted by a majority of jurisdictions in the United States and has accepted the single reaction theory of compensability for latex allergy claims. Even though a latex sensitized nurse worked for a subsequent employer and developed subsequent allergic reactions, the Nebraska court held that a single incident of an exposure with resulting symptomatology many years earlier requiring medical treatment was an incident for which compensability could be attributed. In following this position and rejecting "the last injurious rule" theory, Nebraska has simplified the procedure to obtain workers' compensation benefits and avoided complex and expensive litigation requiring multiple parties to appear in order to apportion liability.  

Latex Glove Verdict of $1 Million Upheld by Wisconsin Appellate Court

In affirming a $1 million verdict a Wisconsin appellate tribunal recognized the “horrendous pain and suffering” endured by a healthcare worker who became allergic to proteins in natural rubber latex, which was triggered by her exposure to latex gloves. 


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