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Workers Compensation: The Industry’s Quiet Crisis? An Overview and Outlook for Workers' Compensation Markets Today

Workers' compensation is the largest of all commercial lines of insurance. Its compulsory nature ensures that the changes in the price and availability of the this vital type of insurance will quickly get the attention of businesses and regulators in every state. This presentation provides a comprehensive overview and outlook for the workers compensation insurance industry within the context of the property/casualty insurance industry generally 

Asphalt Fume Exposures During the Application of Hot Asphalt to Roofs

The primary purpose of this document is to increase the awareness of roofing contractors, safety and health professionals, and engineers about current practices used to reduce occupational exposure to asphalt and asphalt fumes during the application of hot asphalt to roofs.  

Clinton Outraged by EPA's Suppression of Information Following World Trade Center Disaster

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today joined her colleagues in calling for a Congressional investigation into the White House's role in the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) public statements regarding the health risks present in the aftermath of the World Trade Center collapse. 

Workers’ Compensation News - August 21, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 23

Is this employee entitled to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act for injuries sustained while driving a go-can owned by a customer of his employer where the employee was a laborer whose duties did not include driving a vehicle, but the employer had personally urged the cmployce to take a tons driving the go-cart?
(certification granted 7/3/03)

Guidant Ancure Endograft System

What is the Gnidant Ancure Endograft System? The Ancure Devise was designed for use in the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms. An abdominal aortic aneurysm is a potentially life threatening condition involving a weak area that develops in the wall of the aorta, the artery that brings blood flow from the heart through the abdomen to the rest of the body. The Aneure Device sold by Guidant has two primary parts. 

Stressful Jobs Are A Killer

Workers exposed to stress for at least half their working lives are 25 per cent more likely to die from a heart attack, and have 50 per cent higher odds of suffering a fatal stroke. Also, blue-collar workers are more prone to such illnesses than executives. These facts are exposed in the ‘modern workers health check’ featured in the latest issue of TUC backed Hazards magazine out today (Tuesday).  

Workers’ Compensation News - August 14, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 22

 Jumpp v. City of Ventnor--Trip to the post office noncompensable deviation--PORITZ, C.J., writing for a majority of the Court. In this case, the Court determines whether a city worker, whose daily activities required him to visit various sites within the city's boundaries, is eligible for workers' compensation benefits when he was accidentally injured during the workday but while on a personal errand.

Workers’ Compensation News - August 7, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 21

 California Court Finds Exclusivity Rule Did Not Bar A Malicious Prosecution Action Against Liberty Mutual

Nebraska Supreme Court finds nurse totally & permanently disabled due to latex glove exposure

Barbara Morris, appellee, v. Nebraska Health System,  appellant, & Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., and University of Nebraska Medical Center, appellees. Morris v. Nebraska Health System,  266 Neb. 285 

California Court Finds Exclusivity Rule Did Not Bar A Malicious Prosecution Action Against Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual's failed attempt to sue the claimant for criminal fraud results in a malicious prosecution action against the workers' compensation carrier. 

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