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Entries for September 2002

The number of asbestos claims filed annually, the number and types of firms named as defendants in asbestos litigation, and the costs of the litigation to those defendants have all risen sharply in recent years. Given these trends, the authors examine the dimensions of asbestos litigation: How many claims have been filed? By whom? Against whom? For what kinds of conditions? At what cost and with what economic effects? And, if current trends continue, what will be the future costs of the litigation? 

The Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings
The Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings to review the state of asbestos litigation and possible changes in remedies available for injured workers...
Workers' Comp Bill Targets Rule on 'Last Employers,' Helps Dependents

The Legislature will consider a bill this fall that could increase worker's compensation benefits to dependents after an employee's death and make it easier for workers suffering from occupational diseases, such as asbestosis, to obtain benefits.

The sole issue to be determined is whether the petitioner should pay any portion of the legal, medical, or other expenses incurred to prosecute his workers' compensation claim.

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