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February 02, 2005 6:11 PM
NJ Workers' Compensation Benefits Increase in 2005

 Workers’ compensation benefits increased to a maximum of $666.00 per week in 2005 from the 2004 weekly benefit of $650. payable in 2003. Injured workers receive these benefits while they are out of work and under authorized medical care. Temporary workers’ compensation benefits are based upon the state average weekly wage (SAWW). The temporary workers’ compensation rate is set at 75% of the SAWW. Since 1980 benefits have risen each year. Workers’ Compensation benefits are not subject to Federal income tax.

TDB (State Disability Benefits)
For those who are injured or suffer from a non work-related medical condition the State of New Jersey provides State Disability Benefits (TDB). TDB benefits are also based upon the yearly SAWW. They have increased from $459. per week in 2004 to a maximum of $470. in 2005. State TDB and unemployment benefits are based upon a maximum of $24,900. payable in 2005. The rate for 2004 was based on a maximum of $24,300. 

Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment benefits are payable if a worker is not disabled due to a medical condition. New Jersey’s unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent in November 2004 and reached its lowest level since January 2003. The New Jersey rate remained below the nation’s jobless rate of 5.4 percent for the 19th consecutive month. 
Unemployment benefits increased to $503 per week in 2005. This represents a consistent rise as mirrored in other government programs. 
If you have any questions about benefits that you maybe entitled to receive, please call our office (973) 696-7900

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