Nursing home, workers compensation, work comp, drugs, abuse Nursing Home Abuse: Drugging of Patients
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January 29, 2012 2:17 PM
Nursing Home Abuse: Drugging of Patients

Many seriously injured workers end up living in nursing homes for convenience and care. Workers compensation act usual pay for nursing home care, but do they really know what they are funding? Just published is a report indicting nursing homes for pharmaceutical abuse. 

"Today, CANHR is releasing "In a Stupor: What California’s Antipsychotic Drug Collaborative Reveals About Illegal Nursing Home Drugging." The report analyzes the findings of the Department of Public Health's Antipsychotic Drug Collaborative with which the Department has investigated 24 nursing homes and found 147 violations of state rules regarding the use of antipsychotics on residents. The Department's investigations confirm that misuse of antipsychotics is rampant in California nursing homes and deserves immediate remedial action...."

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