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Jon Gelman Listed in Best Lawyers in America

Jon Gelman has been listed again to Best Lawyers in America®. This recognition has been bestowed upon him for almost 3 decades. 

NIOSH Alerts Home Healthcare Workers About Latex Allergies

NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety) has published a booklet to educate Home Healthcare Workers about preventing latex allergies. Latex products are made from natural rubber, and sensitivity can develop after repeated exposure. Limiting exposure to latex can help prevent allergic reactions for both home healthcare workers and their clients.

The Occupational Disease Pilot Program & Healthcare

Legal Talk Network Host and Attorney Alan S. Pierce welcomes Jon L. Gelman to discuss health care and workers’ compensation and the Occupational Disease Pilot Program:

Workers' Compensation News - April 28, 2004 Volume 2 Issue 18

Statement by OSHA Administrator John Henshaw On Worker Memorial Day 2004. "Today is Worker Memorial Day, a day to pay tribute to the men and women who have lost their lives on the job. We mourn with their families and friends, and we recognize that the loss of these very special people extends beyond the home; the loss is felt in schools, places of worship, at social gatherings, in local communities, and throughout the entire nation.

Jon L. Gelman Named Top Lawyer in NJ by New Jersey Monthly Magazine

New Jersey lawyers choose the tops in their profession in 24 fields of law.

Workers’ Compensation News - August 7, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 21

 California Court Finds Exclusivity Rule Did Not Bar A Malicious Prosecution Action Against Liberty Mutual

Nebraska Supreme Court finds nurse totally & permanently disabled due to latex glove exposure

Barbara Morris, appellee, v. Nebraska Health System,  appellant, & Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc., and University of Nebraska Medical Center, appellees. Morris v. Nebraska Health System,  266 Neb. 285 

Workers’ Compensation News - August 10, 2003 Volume 1 Issue 20

Latex: NE Sp Ct finds petitioner totally & permanently disabled Morris v. Nebraska Health System, S-01-1194, 266 Neb. 285

 Workers can inadvertently carry hazardous materials home from work on their clothes, skin, hair, tools, and in their vehicles. As a result, families of these workers have been exposed to hazardous substances and have developed various health effects. Health effects have also occurred when the home and the workplace are not distinct -- such as on farms or in homes that involve cottage industries.

Defense Denied Medical Expert When Latex-Free Environment Not Guaranteed

Pennsylvania: Defense Denied Medical Expert Evaluation When a Latex-Free Environment Cannot be Guaranteed

 A summary of State causation elements.

Woman Looks Back At Her Toxic N.J. Youth

Her body's betrayals, in her 45 years, range from asthma to infertility, from miscarried quadruplets to malformed organs. She wears a scar across her throat like a necklace that binds her to others who have had thyroid tumors removed.  

The Threat of Latex Sensitivity to Children

IgE-mediated allergy to natural rubber latex is a new health hazard about which information has been evolving for the past decade.

Nurse Declared Totally Disabled Psychiatrically Due to Latex Allergy

A Nebraska workers' compensation judge awarded total disability benefits to a registered nurse as a result of her latex sensitivity. In determining the injured worker's disability, the Court evaluated not only her physical symptoms, but also took into consideration her psychological stress factors and declared her totally disabled from a psychiatric standpoint.

Pennslyvania Court Holds Exposure at Work

 A registered nurse was able to meet the burden of proof by demonstrating that her exposure at work was significant and therefore materially contributed to her latex sensitivity. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board recently held that a registered nurse submitted sufficient competent evidence to support her claim that as a result of her exposure to latex gloves at work she developed increased sensitivity.

Nothing to Sneeze at: Growing Latex Allergies Lead to Use of Safer Products in Medical Field
Mysterious skin rashes, watery eyes and laryngitis attacked Susan Sharrock in 1990.  She found the answer to her ailments in the palms of her ...
Nebraska Adopts Single Reaction Theory

The Nebraska workers' compensation court has followed the theory adopted by a majority of jurisdictions in the United States and has accepted the single reaction theory of compensability for latex allergy claims. Even though a latex sensitized nurse worked for a subsequent employer and developed subsequent allergic reactions, the Nebraska court held that a single incident of an exposure with resulting symptomatology many years earlier requiring medical treatment was an incident for which compensability could be attributed. In following this position and rejecting "the last injurious rule" theory, Nebraska has simplified the procedure to obtain workers' compensation benefits and avoided complex and expensive litigation requiring multiple parties to appear in order to apportion liability.  

Latex Glove Verdict of $1 Million Upheld by Wisconsin Appellate Court

In affirming a $1 million verdict a Wisconsin appellate tribunal recognized the “horrendous pain and suffering” endured by a healthcare worker who became allergic to proteins in natural rubber latex, which was triggered by her exposure to latex gloves. 


$1.3 Million Jury Verdict Signals A New Avenue of Benefits Available to Latex Sensitized Workers
The first trial of a claim in a consolidated State action by sensitized health care workers against latex glove manufacturers resulted in a California...
Nebraska Court Finds Latex Allergic Surgical RN Totally Disabled
In one of the most significant decisions yet to be rendered by a Court, a surgical registered nurse was declared to be totally and permanently disable...
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