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A new wave of occupational litigation - Flavor & Fragrance Lawsuits

A new wave of occupational litigation - Flavor & Fragrance Lawsuits


A new wave of flavor and fragrance (Diacetyl) litigation is now emerging against the manufacturers and suppliers of food flavorings for chronic lung disease, bronchiolitis obliterans (BO), and other illnesses, resulting from worker exposures. The litigation results from the insidious return of Diacetyl (2,4-butanedione and biacetyl), as well as 2,3 pentanedione, into foods as artificial flavorings to alter the taste and aroma of products.

Historically, the litigation had its genesis in the manufacturing of microwave popcorn, where exposed to workers suffered lung illness. Most manufacturers removed the product in 2007 as a result of adverse public pressure.

Lack of Regulation
At present, there are no formal regulations to mandate an exposure limit. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health [NIOSH] and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists [ACGIH] have recommended exposure limits for both Diacetyl and 2,3 pentanedione, not exceeding 1 to 25 ppb.
Diseases Caused by Exposure
Chronic lung diseases
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Granulomatous disease

Interstitial lung disease
Eye and skin irritation

Bronchiolitis Obliterans

Chronic shortness of breath with exertion
Night sweats

In 1985 NIOSH investigated the report of two food workers with bronchiolitis obliterans who were employed manufacturing “cannabutter.” In 2000 NIOSH investigated the occupational exposure of 8 microwave popcorn workers in Jasper, Missouri, who suffered from bronchiolitis obliterans. NIOSH published a Health Hazard Evaluation and confirmed the causal relationship between Diacetyl and the medical condition of ill workers, bronchiolitis obliterans.

NIOSH has identified the potential hazard to workers exposed to Diacetyl and its potential causal relation to chronic lung disease, bronchiolitis obliterans, in the following manufacturing facilities:
-Diacetyl manufacturing plants,
-Snack food plants,
-Dairy plants,
-Confection plants, refrigerated job plans,
-Cooking oil use,

-Pet food plants, and coffee roasting plants.

NIOSH and others have reported that exposure to Diacetyl causes not only bronchiolitis obliterans. but other chronic lung diseases, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, granulomatous disease, emphysema, asthma, and interstitial lung disease. As a result of the reaction that occurs in the human body, some individuals exposed suffer from eye and skin irritation as a precursor to chronic lung disease.

In New Jersey, it is alleged that some companies that manufacture flavor mixes (e.g., butter flavors) and raw ingredients (e.g., Diacetyl; 2,3 pentanedione) may have workers who are and have been occasionally exposed. Cases are already in litigation on behalf of these workers.

Flavoring Manufacturers (Large Suppliers)
-Givaudan: East Hanover New Jersey, Mount Olive New Jersey
-Firmenich: Plainsboro New Jersey, Newark New Jersey
-International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF): Hazlet New Jersey, South Brunswick New Jersey, Union Beach New Jersey
-Symrise: Teterboro New Jersey, Branchburg New Jersey
-Takasago: Teterboro New Jersey, Rockleigh New Jersey
-MANE USA: Wayne New Jersey
-Frutaron: North Bergen New Jersey, Branchburg New Jersey
-Robertet SA: Piscataway New Jersey, Mount Olive New Jersey

Flavoring Manufacturers (Other Suppliers)
-Advanced Biotech: Totowa New Jersey
-Agilex Flavors & Fragrance, Inc.: Branchburg New Jersey
-Allen Flavors, Inc.: Edison New Jersey
-Bell Flavor & Fragrances: Paramus New Jersey
-Brand Aromatics: Lakewood New Jersey
-Dragoco Inc: Totowa, New Jersey
-Eastcoast Flavors, Inc.: Carlstad New Jersey
-Elan Chemical Co.: Newark New Jersey
-Flavored Dynamics: South Plainfield New Jersey
-Foote & Jenks Corporation: Camden New Jersey
-General Spice/Genarom Int’l: South Plainfield New Jersey
-Hagen Flavor Technologies: Branchburg New Jersey
-H & R Forasynth: Teterboro New Jersey
-J. Manheimer Inc.: Teterboro New Jersey
-Mastertaste: Clark New Jersey
-Medallion: Pompton Plains New Jersey

-Natural Flavors Inc.: Newark New Jersey
-Noville, Inc.: South Hackensack New Jersey
-O’Laughlin: Springfield Township New Jersey
-Pena Int’l Corp.: Livingston New Jersey
-Polarome (Now Emoral): Jersey City New Jersey
-Puratos Corp.: Pennsauken New Jersey
-Robertet, Inc.: Oakland New Jersey
-Ungerer & Co., Lincoln Park New Jersey
-Whittle & Mutch, Inc.: Mount Laurel New Jersey

Snack Foods:
-Hostess Brands: Blue Anchor New Jersey
-General Mills: Vineland New Jersey

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