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The Occupational Disease Pilot Program & Healthcare

The Occupational Disease Pilot Program & Healthcare

Single-Payer System

The Federal Government established a prototype, single-payer medical delivery system for treating occupational disease conditions. The program targeted those injured by exposure to asbestos fiber in Libby, Montana.

Long burden by contested occupational disease claims, the various compensation systems throughout the nation, and the Medicare and Medicare delivery systems have been challenged by miss application of medical costs.

While the Medicare Secondary Payer Act provides a remedy for the reimbursement of medical costs erroneously paid for by the Federal government. The “Libby Care System” is a model to rebalance the costs and expedite medical delivery without misallocating responsibility and cost-shifting from the taxpayers.

Legal Talk Network Host and Attorney Alan S. Pierce welcomes Jon L. Gelman to discuss health care and workers’ compensation and the Occupational Disease Pilot Program: a close look at the delivery of medical benefits when it comes to occupational disease and how workers' compensation may or may not fit into the big picture of universal health care or health care reform.

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