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Ovarian Cancer and Mesothelioma Claims related to Johnson's Baby Powder Advance

Asbestos Litigation

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Johnson & Johnson continues to be hit with verdicts in cancer cases from exposure to its baby powder containing talc. A Federal court of appeals advanced the cases against Johnson & Johnson by dismissing a petition for bankruptcy that was being utilized to avoid payment of its legal liabilities.

Supreme Court Sets High Judicial Threshold For Evaluating Scientific Evidence

Workers' Compensation

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For the last few decades, the most compelling issue in an occupational disease case has been how the workers’ compensation court should determine the admissibility of scientific evidence. The New Jersey Supreme Court recently established guidelines for the admission and reliance upon such proof.

What is the Cold War Compensation Act

Beryllium Exposure

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 "The Cold War Compensation Act" is the first federal workers' compensation program to be implemented in the last twenty years. The benefit program that will be offered to beryllium workers amounts to a federal bailout of a monopolistic private industry that has hidden behind the cloak of national security and has endangered the lives of workers, their household contacts and innocent bystanders.