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Health Effects of Workers' Home Contamination

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 Workers can inadvertently carry hazardous materials home from work on their clothes, skin, hair, tools, and in their vehicles. As a result, families of these workers have been exposed to hazardous substances and have developed various health effects. Health effects have also occurred when the home and the workplace are not distinct -- such as on farms or in homes that involve cottage industries.

Woman Looks Back At Her Toxic N.J. Youth

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Her body's betrayals, in her 45 years, range from asthma to infertility, from miscarried quadruplets to malformed organs. She wears a scar across her throat like a necklace that binds her to others who have had thyroid tumors removed.  

Passaic sues paint companies over lead

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 By JENNIFER V. HUGHES Staff Writer / The Record

Joining the ranks of cities like Newark and the state of Rhode Island, Passaic and Mayor Sammy Rivera filed suit Wednesday against companies in the lead and paint industry, seeking money to remove lead in buildings in the city. 

The lawsuit also charges that paint manufacturers knew the dangers of their product early on, but did nothing. "There is a problem...